Trump Russia investigation

SCIF, NatSec, and the other buzzwords you need for Trump-Russia

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If your eyes are crossing as you try to dig through the bizarre acronyms and bureaucratic slang of the Trump-Russia story, you’re not alone. The lingua franca required to understand the scandal is Washington D.C.’s national security pig Latin. Readers feverishly engaged with the unveiling of treasonous mysteries have found themselves begging introverted capital cube dwellers for translations. At dinner parties …

mike brown ferguson

Remembering Mike Brown and the Ferguson movement

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Three years ago today, I received a message from a friend in St. Louis who told me something was very wrong in Ferguson. The police had shot an eighteen-year old, and he had been lying on the street for hours. Police response was apparently tentative at best. I looked outside. Clear sunny day. No weather impediments. I quickly surmised that …