Learn from the cognitive difference in others – a critical intelligence skill

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All humans seek to be right, to get the correct answer, to take fruitful action; we rarely agree on the facts, the logic, the path to success. The mid-level professional will come to recognize that there are different cognitive frameworks. The engineer will realize that marketing doesn’t “get” her. The accountant will wonder how so many could have such disdain …

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Corporate Media Are the Real Grifters of the Trump Era

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Since correctly explaining Russian active measures in the 2016 campaign in December of that year, giant corporations have paid authors to write hundreds of defamatory articles about me and a few of my colleagues. While their outlets blathered about Ivanka’s moderating influence, Wisconsin, or Trump becoming presidential, a few of us with real professional credentials have done the work our …

Anatomy of a Defamation

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Last month, while this site was down, I published a recollection of the last two years of systematic character assassination at Medium. (I’ve had a few tech problems while writing about the Global Corruption Scandal, as have many of my colleagues.) Having produced my wrap up of life in America since my Game Theory Twitter thread, it compliments the story …

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Two Years After Game Theory: The Deluge and the Future

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Two friends of mine live in the Los Angeles hills which were the site of disastrous  fires last month. They had to wake their daughter up in the middle of the night with bad news: she had to grab whichever belongings mattered most, because the fires were closing in. They needed to evacuate at once. She screamed and sobbed in …

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Revisiting “Peak Intel” and why I stayed in the intelligence field

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In 2012 I started a minor controversy in the world of intelligence by publishing Peak Intel: How So-Called Strategic Intelligence is Making Us Dumber in The Atlantic. In it I vented my frustrations about what I saw as a pervasive abandonment of rational, fact-based decision making. I was so frustrated that I had decided to abandon the field. I am …