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Trump-Russia, Disinformation, and the Four-Day Panic Rule

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Based on my mission (Codename: GRINGO11) to collect and analyze the interaction between Trump-Russia headlines and the publishers of disinformation about geopolitical analysts getting the story of the century correct, here’s another pattern analysis: The Four-Day Panic Rule. It took a historic disinformation campaign to create the chaotic narrative around the Trump “victory.” And a very intense one to cover up …

Twitter thread Trump Russia

The Twitter thread defines the era of Trump-Russia

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The era of Donald Trump, the Potemkin president foisted on America with the help of Russian intelligence, has not been kind to the paragraph. It’s hard to think in the framework of a well-reasoned essay when the headlines arrive like overlapping waves, pounding the surf with insanity after profanity. Handling a North Korean nuclear crisis at a golf course. Insulting …

My popular keynote on the future of risk

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This recent video at the Casualty Actuarial Society‘s annual meeting shows my keynote on the future of risk and foresight. As the world grapples with traumatic leadership decisions (Trump, Brexit, etc) it seems a good time to revisit our assumptions on how to manage uncertainty. This keynote starts with the history of foresight – why we crave it, yet lack …