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Five Reasons You Might Like an Intelligence Career

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An intelligence career might sound like an exotic proposition. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll need to a trench coat big enough to hold gadgets and weapons, possibly cool sunglasses. Or maybe you think you’ll need to speak Mandarin Chinese without an accent and learn to slip into gala dinners undetected. Actually, that might be a plus – but it’s not …

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Game Theory, Checkmate: How Vladimir Putin lost Russia

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Vladimir Putin is certainly a historic figure. In fact, I believe he will be the last ruler of modern Russia. I had heard a rumor some month ago that Russia’s fate was to no longer be a modern nation-state, but multiple regions, more or less kept in check by the actual world powers. It seemed far-fetched. Now, less so. Two …

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Game Theory 5, or how I learned the whole story on November 9, 2016

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One of my most popular “Game Theory” threads – greater in terms of audience reach than even the original – was published on June 10, 2017. This was two days after James Comey’s bombshell testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. (My irreverent take on it here.)  In it, I explained how much of the conspiracy about this coup …

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It’s Time for Some Game Theory – the original thread

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“It’s Time For Some Game Theory” has become a cultural catch phrase, has appeared on T-shirts and coffee mugs, and generally taken on a life of its own. I can’t believe it’s taken me sixteen months to put up a clean, non-Twitter text of my most famous thread, but hell, it’s been a little busy, right? For posterity’s sake, I …