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Cuban White Supremacists and Vermont Nazis

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I’m excited to announce Season Two of the Game Theory Today Podcast! In season one I covered pre-Biden, during-Trump stories such as bribes from the Egyptian dictator El-Sisi during the 2016 campaign, convicted foreign agents at the top of political parties, the Texas Attorney General already facing 99 years in prison and much more. The series features Today, in Criminal …

Eric Garland Game Theory

Convicted Foreign Agents at the Top of the GOP

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Top Republican pleads guilty to charges normally reserved for Nazis and Russian spies. Plot to kill the governors of Michigan and Virginia luckily concocted by idiots. Moscow Mike Flynn picked up by U.S. Intelligence Community taking cash from Turkey/Russia *while* on the Trump Transition; doom awaits. MANY CRIMINALS PLEAD TEARFULLY TO FEDERAL CHARGES. And why we should be gentle with …

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Game Theory, Checkmate: How Vladimir Putin lost Russia

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Vladimir Putin is certainly a historic figure. In fact, I believe he will be the last ruler of modern Russia. I had heard a rumor some month ago that Russia’s fate was to no longer be a modern nation-state, but multiple regions, more or less kept in check by the actual world powers. It seemed far-fetched. Now, less so. Two …

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The Panama Papers – First Strike Against Putin’s Corruption

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If you didn’t know much about international finance, you probably didn’t see the journalistic project known as The Panama Papers as a retaliatory move against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Wikileaks did immediately. Although the tweet was since deleted, the political warfare operation took to Russia Today to complain that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists wasn’t being ethical about their leaks, …

Russian threats to NATO

My interview on the future Russian threats to NATO

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I was recently interviewed by the Kosovo newspaper Gazeta Metro on threats to NATO and which geopolitical trends should be most important to leaders in the Balkans. My English comments are below. It won’t surprise you that Russia features prominently. 1) There have been several articles in European press in recent weeks, outlining the danger coming from Russian hybrid warfare that …