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Creating COVID Propaganda with Mall Santas

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A terrible second wave of COVID overwhelms world healthcare. Trump’s White House gives up the fight on COVID – but their bizarre propaganda plans are revealed. China gets ready to pay for its bad acts. A hidden, toxic form of Wall Street finance may come to an end. And in other news – YOU are saving democracy.

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Guitar Center bonds crater on news of financial performance

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I’ve been so busy with treason and espionage of late that I’m weeks late covering the updates on Guitar Center bonds. As all my readers know, for a simple group of guitar stores, GC is a whole bunch of drama. And while it may not technically have been “the end” when the company started shedding workforce and product diversity to survive …

The End of Guitar Center

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This is an obituary for Guitar Center, a chain of big box musical instrument stores that was captured and infected by private equity during a national trend of greed and reckless expansionism in the late-1990s and early-2000s. The company started as a Los Angeles organ store, became a successful purveyor of guitars after the Beatles arrived in the United States, …

Private equity is even destroying free breadsticks

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At long last, private equity, have you no decency? Even the Olive Garden’s free breadsticks are under fire – must you destroy everything in this nation? Seriously though, check out this analysis of how PE firms are finding ways to strip established brands clean of real estate assets and strategic security in their classic parasitic attempt to get all the …

Private equity wonders about regulatory crackdown

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It turns out that the private equity industry has reached its pre-crisis peak in terms of consolidating industries through M&A activity. Moreover, some people in Washington appear to finally be waking up and realizing that maybe the situation has more in common with 2007 than anyone would care to imagine. And DC might be scared that junk bonds could do …