What makes this all such a milestone is that Alex Jones, for years some illegitimate child of conservative movement, is now front and center in the fight to overthrow the U.S. government to keep the president with the full backing of the GOP in power. He used to be just some cable access lunatic. Fast forward to 2018, and Jones’ partner Jerome Corsi has a joint defense agreement with the Republican President of the United States. This year, on January 5, he’s rallying outside the Capitol saying that our democracy is illegitimate. He is key to the terrorist attack on January 6th coordinated with Trump campaign officials. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley agree with Jones after the violent revolution has gone forward and failed. When combined with mainstream donors and state attorneys general, basically there isn’t a lick of difference between Alex Jones and Mitch McConnell.

Alex Jones, GOP Leader

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In the latest Game Theory Today Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2 The memo from Acting SecDef Christopher Miller that makes January 6 look kinda like a coup SecDef Austin calls for an emergency clean-out of extremists in the ranks How the January 6 attack merged Alex Jones with the GOP leadership (with a recording of him discussing the details on …

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Convicted Foreign Agents at the Top of the GOP

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Top Republican pleads guilty to charges normally reserved for Nazis and Russian spies. Plot to kill the governors of Michigan and Virginia luckily concocted by idiots. Moscow Mike Flynn picked up by U.S. Intelligence Community taking cash from Turkey/Russia *while* on the Trump Transition; doom awaits. MANY CRIMINALS PLEAD TEARFULLY TO FEDERAL CHARGES. And why we should be gentle with …