Trump Coup d’Etat Conspiracy Revealed By January 6 Committee Court Filing

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The January 6 Committee revealed in one of its latest court filings that it has sufficient evidence to conclude that Donald Trump committed seditious conspiracy alongside multiple co-conspirators. Congress can’t issue criminal charges – but DOJ can. And this suggests that they’re ready. In this bonus episode of the Game Theory Today Podcast, I break down the Jan 6 Committee’s …

Russia Week – Sanctions Galore and the Jan 6 Committee Exposes Crimes

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Just as Russia’s defiance of human rights and international norms is exposed, the U.S. Congress’ January 6 Committee reveals a criminal conspiracy between Trump, the attorneys trying to stop the certification of the 2020 election, and the violent insurrectionists who tried to take the Capitol with force. The result is the fullest picture we’ve ever had of the assault on …