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How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps – a new executive education course

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I’m excited to announce a brand-new course that I have developed specially for the International Competitive Intelligence Conference coming up in Bad-Neuheim, Germany on April 22: How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps. For those familiar with my Future Intelligence methodology, this is an advanced course for professionals who need to understand the deeper psychological aspects of our work as analysts in …

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Books to help you get started in futures studies

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Over at Competitive Futures we have a primer on the best books to get if you’re a beginner in the line of futures studies. While you may be raring to talk about nanotechnology and (I hope not) the Singularity, I think you’re better served by checking out the roots of futures studies in post-War France, the mid-1960s Pentagon, and the …

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Futures studies and the psychology of loss

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When you begin working in the discipline of futures studies, you immediately dive into the mechanics of organizing data. You learn about how to identify reliable trend information from a good source. You realize that forecasts need to be pulled apart, not worshiped. Then you shift to your right brain and enjoy the thrill of building scenarios to explore what …