Why CEOs must understand disruptive technologies to lead their companies

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I am very excited to be included with CEOs from around the world in this video about how foresight is absolutely essential in a time where the world is facing disruptive technologies. It’s the same song I’ve been singing for close to twenty years, but it excites me when others harmonize. Thanks again to Tech Mahindra and the Wall Street …

Garry Trudeau Donald Trump 1999

Garry Trudeau’s 1999 political scenario for a Trump campaign

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One powerful technique in futures studies to get people to think about potential scenarios is the “future news headlines” game. For example: 2024: Ireland rolls tanks into London 2020: Cash officially outlawed in the United States 2030: Soylent Citizens program assists with healthcare budget crisis Yeah, the last one is nice and creepy. But that’s the point, to send you …

executive head in sand

How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps – a new executive education course

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I’m excited to announce a brand-new course that I have developed specially for the International Competitive Intelligence Conference coming up in Bad-Neuheim, Germany on April 22: How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps. For those familiar with my Future Intelligence methodology, this is an advanced course for professionals who need to understand the deeper psychological aspects of our work as analysts in …