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Remembering Mike Brown and the Ferguson movement

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Three years ago today, I received a message from a friend in St. Louis who told me something was very wrong in Ferguson. The police had shot an eighteen-year old, and he had been lying on the street for hours. Police response was apparently tentative at best. I looked outside. Clear sunny day. No weather impediments. I quickly surmised that …

Missouri Election Board

St. Louis, corruption, culture, and change: an eyewitness view

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Due to a long-story, this Vermont-native, francophile, Washington DC-denizen resides half-time in St. Louis, MO. I got here in 2010, stepped out of the car, and while my brain adjusted to a climate that compares unfavorably with the surface of Venus, I recognized right off, holy mother of God, is it 1888 around here? The racism thing was absolutely seething, though the …

Ferguson bonds subprime

Ferguson bonds downgraded to subprime amid lawsuits

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In competitive intelligence, you can use bond prices as an indicator for future financial difficulty and thus strategic intelligence. Bondholders are often privy to behind-the-scenes financial reports and price future risk into their trades. Let’s have a look at the municipal debt for Ferguson, Missouri. It floated about $3 million in muni bonds that – prior to the protests and …

Forward Through Ferguson

Why Forward Through Ferguson is a new approach to government

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Fate put me in the city of St. Louis, Missouri as its decades-old system of racially- and economically-segregated apartheid finally boiled over on a sunny Saturday in August. Every tension I had felt, straining the bedrock and groaning ominously, finally revealed itself as people filled the streets and the police attempted to regain absolute control of the situation using military-grade …