population change between US states

Population flows between US states 2014-2015

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In just one year, 2014-2015, you can see very clearly where the economy has recovered the most and where the kids want to flee home. You practically have to buy scalpers tickets to get into Colorado these days, while my home state of Vermont has plenty of great seats left. The head scratcher on this chart for me is California. …

population shift in Canada by province

How Ontario and British Colombia grew their population in Canada

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You can almost see the demographic cost of secession in this chart showing the shift of the population in Canada from 1980 to 2014. The sovereignty referendums of 1981 and 1995 did great things for establishing a sense of home rule for the French population of Quebec which had long chafed under English dominance from Ottawa and its own powerful …


In Praise of Regular Funding (with apologies to crowds)

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I was toying with the idea of starting a GoFundMe for my latest Kickstarter. This way I could get cash flowing to help launch my funding operation. What will I be doing? I’ll be funding things! My things. For stuff. Yup, I’m actually going to do you the courtesy of not promising to perform specific activities and then keeping my …

Why the future of economic development could be in Haiti

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My friend, colleague, and longest-standing business partner Josette Bruffaerts-Thomas was looking at a disaster on top of a disaster. She circled above her native Haiti, unable to land because of the massive earthquake that just leveled the country, killing hundreds of thousands of her countrymen. Had her flight not been delayed by an hour, she would have lost her life …