Learn from the cognitive difference in others – a critical intelligence skill

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All humans seek to be right, to get the correct answer, to take fruitful action; we rarely agree on the facts, the logic, the path to success. The mid-level professional will come to recognize that there are different cognitive frameworks. The engineer will realize that marketing doesn’t “get” her. The accountant will wonder how so many could have such disdain …

cognitive bias

New forms of cognitive bias, 2017 edition

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As I grow as an intelligence analyst and adviser, my interests increasingly tend toward the human factors in analysis, especially cognitive bias. I have recently done a series of workshops on cognitive bias because while it’s great to know how to do foresight and scenarios, it’s even more important to know how we screw it up. There are four main …

Slides from my webinar on cognitive bias and intelligence

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A video of the whole event is to follow, but in the meantime here are the slides from my webinar today for the Intelligence Collaborative and my colleagues at AuroraWDC. I have been increasingly interested in the role that cognitive bias plays in decision making, and believe that the next level of achievement for intelligence as a discipline and for …