Apple Store Future Retail

Why the Apple Store’s new design is the future of retail

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I was in the Apple Store at our local mall yesterday, albeit not because I thought they were the future of music or anything. I mean, they were showing footage of Tim Cook singing karaoke, but that didn’t change my mind. Also, my earnest sales person tried to tell me how Exciting the $160 Ear Buds were. This didn’t work either. …

Apple stock price after iPhone7

Apple stock price jumps on airbuds, music coolness, despite snarky assessments

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A look at the Apple stock price over the last few days will show you that the market does not care for my assessment that they probably don’t have that much future music in their DNA, or at least not so much to change its genome – or something. However, the market may be particularly excited about Apple stock given …

Apple future of music

Why Apple is anything but the future of music

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Apple had its Special Event Productpalooza yesterday and both led and closed the show with Music. They started with Tim Cook and ended with Sia. By the end of the electro-post-modern-half-nude dance-pop number, I had concluded that Apple, despite the rote claims about its DNA, does not actually understand the future of music and probably won’t be driving it. Before my …

Apple Music subscriber base

Apple Music shows a strong launch for its streaming service

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Apple Music was launched June 30, 2015. As we can see in this trend from the experts at Asymco, it is there has been a vast difference in adoption curves of Spotify, the sector’s leader, versus Apple’s conversion of its iTunes music store over to this one-price-fits-all model. The major question here is whether Apple Music will continue to climb …