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Down with Russian Czars, Up with COVID Prosecution Czars!

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The world’s top banks and law firms flee Russia. Even the UK finally slaps Russian Mob oligarchs with sanctions. A Russian agent gets indicted for espionage over operations against New York and Hawaiian politicians. DOJ appoints a COVID Prosecution czar after $8 billion in fraud – with billions more ahead. And the John Durham Investigation identifies multiple clients who may …

The Greatest Scandal in American History

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A secret Mueller investigation just disclosed Wednesday, October 14 reveals a bribe by the state of Egypt directly to Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign – making him the paid agent of a hostile foreign power. Every voter needs to understand this story – and it’s simple.

Eric Garland Game Theory

Convicted Foreign Agents at the Top of the GOP

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Top Republican pleads guilty to charges normally reserved for Nazis and Russian spies. Plot to kill the governors of Michigan and Virginia luckily concocted by idiots. Moscow Mike Flynn picked up by U.S. Intelligence Community taking cash from Turkey/Russia *while* on the Trump Transition; doom awaits. MANY CRIMINALS PLEAD TEARFULLY TO FEDERAL CHARGES. And why we should be gentle with …

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Judiciary and Commerce committees move to checkmate Facebook

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On April 10th and 11th, the Senate and House committees on the Judiciary and Commerce held a rare joint open hearing with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. The topic was Facebook’s handling of the data of US citizens. The peripheral, but more important matter, was use of Facebook data in election interference around the world. Very few commentators differ …

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Why conventional wisdom is dangerous and crazy scenarios aren’t

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I have been processing the madness and fury of the outhouse fire known as the Trump Presidential Transition through a series of unplanned (unhinged?) rants on Twitter (Original from December 11 and Extra Crispy from December 29) in which I examine how American politics got to this weird place and where we’re headed in the immediate future. The situation is extremely …