Why the Republican Party must disband

Published February 20, 2017 in the wake of Mike Flynn’s resignation, I update my famous “Letter to a Future Republican Strategist Regarding White People” with a more stark realization – the party should disband entirely.

And that’s before I understood the degree of laundering Russian money into our democracy that took place.

Abandonment of key principles

<THREAD> Why the Republican Party must disband and let actual conservatives form a loyal, patriotic party of limited government in its wake.

When the Republican Party announced the UNIFIED TRUMPIAN ETERNAL REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT like it was the Death Star I said: They’re finished.

“BUT EEK – THEY CONTROL ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GUBMINT! THEY’RE INVINCIBLE!” they trembled. And I said, they’re at their weakest. It’s over.

In order to achieve this win, they had to trade in every value they ever claimed as a party. They burned the village to save it.

Check out this list of conservative values to which the Republicans can no longer lay claim:

Claim over “traditional” sexual behavior: CPAC is having a gay Brit who advocates for child rape as a keynote. So that’s off the list.

Claim over “traditional” family values: Elected a thrice-married repeat sexual offender who says he would date his daughter. That’s done.

Claim over patriotism: Supported a president who says that America is morally equivalent to Putin’s Russia. Can’t use that one anymore.

Claim over leadership of the Free World: Declares NATO obsolete and flatters the dictator interfering in their elections. That’s done with.

Claim of being party of limited government power: Attempts to rule by executive order, attempts to make National Guard a police force.

Claim over limited government spending: Promises trillion-dollar infrastructure plans with no idea how to fund them. Sayonara.

Claim of being all about the Constitution: White House declares that the judicial branch isn’t a check on its power. Another one down.

Claim of being about “rule of law”: White House orders CBP and US Marshals not to enforce judicial decisions. That one’s kaput.

Claim of being about logic and expertise: Placed website propagandists and TV pundits in critical government jobs, even NatSec. Ciao.

And finally: claim of being an American party that can represent the whole country: Elected a fascist who rants about “enemies.”

Why the Republican Party is over

The Republican Party gave us a “president” who has declared wide swaths of Americans the “enemies of the people” like Lenin and Mao did.

Forget about Republicans representing Americans in the future – they can’t even represent conservatism with any legitimacy any longer.

When this whole Trump scandal is revealed, it will be clear that the Republican Party can no longer be trusted with the reins of power.

The GOP should disband and be replaced a party that checks the Democrats through: respect for the Constitution, limited government…

Just run backward through this thread, and imagine a party doing the right thing. That party would be a voice for true conservatives.

But the party now masquerading as conservative only has two values: white supremacy and authoritarianism. It must disband. </THREAD>

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