WTF is up with the economy?

The ramblings of a corporate strategist turned economic comedian

Economic-comedian-WTF-is-up-with-the-economyThis improbable show is the result of fifteen long years providing strategic forecasts for executives around the world, culminating in the most obvious housing bubble in history, a ridonkulous bank bailout, and many years of incompetence to follow. In fact, given what I’ve seen, I’m not sure why there aren’t more people calling themselves an “economic comedian.”

Like all of my presentations, it is based on rigorous research on economic transition and the competitive dynamics of industries and nation-states – but here the goal is levity, not strategy.

The WTF Economy runs about 90 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • The Cold War and Nikita Khrushchev shoe
  • The 1970s, which sucked but you still had higher salaries than today
  • The 1980s, which had mullets and cocaine which helped the US defeat the Soviet menace
  • The 1990s, which were pretty awesome but started some really bad policies
  • The 2000s, when we lost our minds and had TV shows about bathrooms
  • The 2010s, when we laugh about it and make new plans for the future

Basically, you’ll learn some stuff and probably laugh at slides of 80s TV shows and hysterical petroleum industry forecasts.

Here’s a clip (Careful: NSFW language, TV shows about bathrooms)