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For over fifteen years I have been guiding executive leaders at some of the world’s most influential organizations as a business trends keynote speaker, and by providing educational sessions identifying future trends that will impact their strategies.

Whether your event is a few senior executives, a conference plenary of 1000 attendees, or a television audience of millions, I would be most pleased to be part of your event or program.

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Note: For all Canada speaking engagements, please contact Christine Beaumaster at Keynote Speakers Canada,  1-800-830-3046

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Eric Garland Economic Business Trends Futurist

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Eric Garland Economic Business Trends Futurist

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Keynotes, briefings, and short courses

I offer three levels of presentations to accommodate a variety of audiences: Plenary, Executive and Entertainment.

[tab_nav type=”two-up” float=”left”] [tab_nav_item title=”Plenary” active=”true”] [tab_nav_item title=”Executive”] [tab_nav_item title=”Entertainment”] [/tab_nav] [tabs] [tab active=”true”] Aimed at general sessions, potentially with several hundred attendees, audience members of widely varying seniority and career background. The presentations aim to give overviews of major changes, suggest why they are important in the near-term future, and offer the beginning of solutions, potential strategies, positive outcomes. [/tab] [tab] Designed for smaller audiences, usually 100 or less, from more senior levels of responsibility. The information presented deals with the specific, detailed issues of high-level managerial issues. While solutions are also the focus, more difficult problems and specific calls to action will be explored. [/tab] [tab] Especially for after-hours or at the end of a conference, these presentations are more heavily imbued with humor – the lighter side of a changing world.[/tab] [/tabs] [line]

I am frequently asked for custom presentations based on my prior work. I strive to work with every client to make an event that is professional and entertaining, while also challenging the audiences’ thinking and driving further conversation.

If you need suggestions for a potential topic, consider the following presentations that I have given to audiences around the world.

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”Plenary”] Transformational Competition: How Great Leaders Turn Uncertainty Into Success

Most of the great businesses have been built in chaotic, uncertain times. This keynote presentation covers the future trends that are changing the world and how competition is changing right along with it. The content is a mix of up-to-date trends about how today’s economy is changing, from consumer demographics to retail trends and macroeconomics, as well as compelling case studies from Apple, Nokia, Budweiser and many others. (This is my most popular keynote.)

The Next Narrative: Branding in a Fast-Changing World

All brands connect with customers through myth and image. If you want your brand to connect with tomorrow’s customers, it needs to use tomorrow’s, not        yesterday’s myths. The future of your brand will be in linking to a new narrative in a changing social and economic order It will not be one size fits all – so get thinking.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”Executive”] The Transition Economy: Risks and Opportunities

An overview of major factors in the global economy, and why they can mean either threats or potential profits.

The Golden Age of Analysis

Why advanced insights that can only come from professional analysts will determine which companies (and nations) succeed in a rapidly-evolving world. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”Entertainment”] The WTF Economy

A comedic view of how the crash of 2008 happened, and what we can do to bring sanity back to our economic lives. Best served with whisky.

Bad Forecasts

Just in case you take your executive duties too seriously, this presentation is a walk down memory lane to the most hilarious wrong decisions in business history.[/accordion_item] [/accordion] [line]

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