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Since as far back as December 2016, hundreds of thousands have turned to Eric Garland, author of the Game Theory Thread that changed Twitter and the global conversation for good.

Millions have worried about what is happening, who to trust, and what the future holds since the shocking election of Donald Trump.

Loyal citizens feared for their countries, lost sleep, wondered which media outlets were reliable, and looked for guidance. Garland’s expertise in the intelligence community, unshakeable patriotism, constant optimism, and daily updates have been a comfort and source of quality information for hundreds of thousands.

Since liberal democracies are under attack from foreign enemies and organized crime, this hasn’t always been easy. The bad guys have flooded social media with even more harassment, disinformation, and attempts to break the spirits of patriots around the world.

That’s why Eric launched Game Theory Today, a private Twitter channel that gives concerned citizens vital information, expert analysis from a consultant to CEOs and government agencies, and a community with fun, like-minded people.

With so much information already out there, some might wonder why a separate subscription to a single Twitter channel might be worth it. Aren’t there enough accounts to follow already?

Game Theory Today isn’t regular Twitter:

  • Subscribers get direct access to an advisor who works with the most powerful CEOs and political leaders in the world, with regular Q&As and direct messages.
  • The GTT feed is all signal and no noise, with news updates curated by a professional strategic analyst who recognizes and exposes propaganda.
  • Complex issues are broken down into easy-to-digest concepts
  • GTT already has a rich community of subscribers informing each other and boosting spirits with a sense of camaraderie
  • No trolls and bots!
  • It’s fun!

Quotes from GTT Lounge members

“This is the best $10 a month I spend. When the media is throwing out garbage and making me feel bad, Game Theory Today sets me straight.”

“Thank you for keeping me SANE during all this!”

Join the Game Theory Today Lounge

In 2019 and beyond, the world will feel chaotic as the forces of liberal democracy tear up the global networks of corruption.

This ride isn’t over, dear friends.

Join GTT and get a daily dose of reality, have the straight dope at parties to calm your friends’ nerves, join a community of real patriots, and make a historic and difficult moment just that much more fun.

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