What we do next

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Americans, I’d like your feedback on this list of stuff we can do that I hope every citizen of every political stripe can support: A national holiday for Federal elections Creation of a national voter ID card distributed to every eligible American as well as all future American voters on their 18th birthday A Constitutional amendment which guarantees that every single eligible …

doctors political affiliation

U.S. political party affiliation by medical subspecialty

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Sure, physician’s are all one-percenters when it comes to income, but their affiliation with political parties shows marked differentiation depending on the subspecialty. Why would infectious disease doctors have such a different view on politics compared with anesthesiologists? You’d have to ask them individually, for sure, but I have a theory. Internists and infectious disease docs work with patient panels …

Elegy for my mentor, Jeff Washburn

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When I wrote my first book on futurism, I credited four men with my outlook on business: my Dad, Bob Berman, Joe Coates, and Mr. Jeff Washburn, the owner-statesman-artiste Grand Poobah of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Rutland, Vermont. I just learned today that George F. Washburn III died of a heart attack, and while I grieved immediately for his family, I …

executive head in sand

How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps – a new executive education course

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I’m excited to announce a brand-new course that I have developed specially for the International Competitive Intelligence Conference coming up in Bad-Neuheim, Germany on April 22: How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps. For those familiar with my Future Intelligence methodology, this is an advanced course for professionals who need to understand the deeper psychological aspects of our work as analysts in …

future of labor and jobs

On the future of work

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My colleagues at Washington DC’s Foresight Alliance have just put out a new, wide-ranging, and very insightful report on the future of work entitled – in grand futurist style, The Futures of Work. The getdown: Software and robotics will reshape work in nearly every industry and region—eliminating some jobs, complementing human workers in other jobs, and creating entirely new jobs. …