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Divorcing a narcissist

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The relationship with a narcissist infects you slowly, starting with a phase that psychologists call “The Love Bomb.” The narcissist shows up and brings excitement to someone who’s seen better days, been kicked around a little – someone who feels like the world owes them something better. There is a initial flutter of excitement, concentrated energy – oh baby, you …

The Future of 2016 Politics

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POLITICO, DC’s go to source for ultra-dork-wonkery within the confines of I-495, invited me to look in the future of 2016 politics and beyond. Darren Samuelsohn asked all kinds of great questions about why Washington seems so unable to think about the long-term future. Is it the leaders? The voters? The media? My answer? Don’t hate the players, playa – …

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After Boehner, the Deluge

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“Après moi, le déluge.” This French expression attributed to Madame de Pompadour translates literally to “after me, the flood,” and is thought to be an 18th century version of, “F**k this, I’m outta here, and y’all can do whatever.” This was the sentiment mic-dropped with great verve by one John Boehner of Ohio on Friday. Reportedly he brought the Magic …

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Donald Trump and the future of the Latino voters

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Hoy, me gustería hablar de mi querida gente latina. I’m sitting in our nation’s capital today, all excited about my lunch meeting that will include Peruvian chicken. I am addicted to the stuff, and no, it’s not like regular chicken. Moist yet caramelized, infused with spices and magic liquid, accompanied by the most holy fried yuca, washed down with Inka …