The cake is baked, and it comes down to ground game

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Here endeth the close watching of the presidential election, and here beginneth the watching of the downticket. ABC News’ latest poll shows a 12% national vote margin between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That tells us, fifteen days out, that there isn’t much left to the story of who wins the presidency; we’re really just wondering if Utah or Georgia …

job growth

Job growth and jobless young men under each president

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Check out two labor trends in U.S. economics, and then we can talk trends in U.S. politics. Consider the rate of unemployment under each president since Carter. Now let’s look at a labor trend at record levels: young men 19-30 without jobs.     It’s fascinating that while there is a cyclical nature to the trend of “great recessions” post-Carter …

Republican Party Reagan

The Republican Party is dead, gone, and we already miss it

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Four years ago, after Bill O’Reilly race trolled the world by saying that the only reason Mitt Romney didn’t win was that there weren’t enough “traditional Americans,” I set my lilly-white Mayflower-descended butt to writing that nope, y’all got some structural issues and it ain’t a lack of white people. I made a forecast – either the Republican Party strategically …

Garry Trudeau Donald Trump 1999

Garry Trudeau’s 1999 political scenario for a Trump campaign

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One powerful technique in futures studies to get people to think about potential scenarios is the “future news headlines” game. For example: 2024: Ireland rolls tanks into London 2020: Cash officially outlawed in the United States 2030: Soylent Citizens program assists with healthcare budget crisis Yeah, the last one is nice and creepy. But that’s the point, to send you …