Russia’s Interference in the 2016 Election Becomes Clearer

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Couple months ago I wrote this thread on Twitter about Russian interference in the 2016 election.   <THREAD> I’m now hearing this meme that says Obama, Clinton, et al. are doing nothing, just gave up. Guys. It’s time for some game theory. — Eric Garland (@ericgarland) December 11, 2016 I focused on three themes: 1. Russia has been involved in …

Trump executive orders

Trump executive orders threaten American business

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Trump executive orders are leaving America and the world in shock. With each passing day, the administration engages in sudden, unplanned, and extreme measures that are causing chaos. Business does not like chaos. More than two months ago I wrote a preview of what a so-called “nationalist” government would do to American business interests. I projected that America’s abandonment of …