Gibson bankruptcy

Gibson Guitars’ new rating from Moody’s means some ugly stuff

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Ever since I did a little bit of research on Guitar Center (at the behest of their CEO on my Facebook page, weirdly) I’ve been told that every time corporate finance gets mixed into the musical instrument business, things get weird. There was that time Fender tried an IPO, but yanked it last minute. That was kinda weird. But their new media strategy, which …

Apple future of music

Why Apple is anything but the future of music

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Apple had its Special Event Productpalooza yesterday and both led and closed the show with Music. They started with Tim Cook and ended with Sia. By the end of the electro-post-modern-half-nude dance-pop number, I had concluded that Apple, despite the rote claims about its DNA, does not actually understand the future of music and probably won’t be driving it. Before my …