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Corporate Media Are the Real Grifters of the Trump Era

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Since correctly explaining Russian active measures in the 2016 campaign in December of that year, giant corporations have paid authors to write hundreds of defamatory articles about me and a few of my colleagues. While their outlets blathered about Ivanka’s moderating influence, Wisconsin, or Trump becoming presidential, a few of us with real professional credentials have done the work our …

citizen journalists

Game Theory, citizen journalists, and media that can’t keep up

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The crisis of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russian Federation has given rise to a new term online: citizen journalists. This new “job title” has emerged because, frankly, the major media outlets upon which we depend have failed to keep up with the sheer torrent of new, alarming updates on the perversion of American governance. The actions of the Trump Administration …

Apple Music subscriber base

Apple Music shows a strong launch for its streaming service

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Apple Music was launched June 30, 2015. As we can see in this trend from the experts at Asymco, it is there has been a vast difference in adoption curves of Spotify, the sector’s leader, versus Apple’s conversion of its iTunes music store over to this one-price-fits-all model. The major question here is whether Apple Music will continue to climb …

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Consolidated radio companies on the cusp of bankruptcy

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A reader recently tipped me off to trends in the finance of terrestrial radio as an analogue to what I’ve been tracking in musical instrument retail through the Guitar Center saga. Through consolidation and Byzantine financial structures, companies such as IHeartMedia and Cumulus have been dragging out the inevitable failure of a certain type of Wall Street business model. The …