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Revisiting “Peak Intel” and why I stayed in the intelligence field

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In 2012 I started a minor controversy in the world of intelligence by publishing Peak Intel: How So-Called Strategic Intelligence is Making Us Dumber in The Atlantic. In it I vented my frustrations about what I saw as a pervasive abandonment of rational, fact-based decision making. I was so frustrated that I had decided to abandon the field. I am …

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Five Reasons You Might Like an Intelligence Career

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An intelligence career might sound like an exotic proposition. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll need to a trench coat big enough to hold gadgets and weapons, possibly cool sunglasses. Or maybe you think you’ll need to speak Mandarin Chinese without an accent and learn to slip into gala dinners undetected. Actually, that might be a plus – but it’s not …

My popular keynote on the future of risk

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This recent video at the Casualty Actuarial Society‘s annual meeting shows my keynote on the future of risk and foresight. As the world grapples with traumatic leadership decisions (Trump, Brexit, etc) it seems a good time to revisit our assumptions on how to manage uncertainty. This keynote starts with the history of foresight – why we crave it, yet lack …

Trump Russia investigation

SCIF, NatSec, and the other buzzwords you need for Trump-Russia

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If your eyes are crossing as you try to dig through the bizarre acronyms and bureaucratic slang of the Trump-Russia story, you’re not alone. The lingua franca required to understand the scandal is Washington D.C.’s national security pig Latin. Readers feverishly engaged with the unveiling of treasonous mysteries have found themselves begging introverted capital cube dwellers for translations. At dinner parties …