The uselessness of the austerity wrestling match

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There is very little in this world as useless as the endless hair-pulling between two factions of the neoclassical economics world, The Keynesians and The “Austerians.” For those of you who correctly sense this to be too boring to follow, allow me to get you quickly and painfully up to date so that we can get beyond this whole moronic …

If media covered America the way we cover foreign cultures

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You really need to be following the writing of Sarah Kendzior this week as she rips the major media outlets for their utter incompetence in understanding the role of race, ethnicity and nationality in the Boston Marathon bombing. The fact is: we don’t know what motivated these men. There will be a trial – and then we will know more. …

Why Congress sucks

Why Congress sucks

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A couple hours ago, as my Twitter feed began its predictable digital outrage against Congress’ inability to pass any legal measure that might reduce the unfettered flow of guns around our psychically unstable nation, I was moved to spew forth one of my patented Twitter Rants. Strap in. Oh, by the way – you’re partly to blame. >>>>>>>>> You want …

The beast at the gates of civilization

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Nobody plants a bomb in LaPlatte, Nebraska. The terrorists of the world pick London, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Washington and Boston as the target of their rage. This is where we house the world’s art and science, build iconic structures and hold leadership summits. In these cities you are usually walking distance from greatness, be it artistic, intellectual or financial. …

A week without English media sources

Breaking through the American media bubble

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The United States is the only country in the world that treats other nations as completely optional. Obviously, I don’t mean when it comes to manufacturing our critical goods or providing us with tankers full of light sweet crude, but culturally, American media acts as if Other Countries are places that exist only in text books or vacation brochures. This …