Why CEOs must understand disruptive technologies to lead their companies

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I am very excited to be included with CEOs from around the world in this video about how foresight is absolutely essential in a time where the world is facing disruptive technologies. It’s the same song I’ve been singing for close to twenty years, but it excites me when others harmonize. Thanks again to Tech Mahindra and the Wall Street …

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Why most election forecasts are missing a key predictive element

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We’re less than 100 days away from the U.S. general election. This is the Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, and Shark Week for political junkies around the world. Now is that magical time of the year when D.C. dorks and beyond start slavering over the latest poll data. Election forecasts become a mix of news item and religious talisman to be regarded, …

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Back to the Future, a technology foresight handbook

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Sometimes, artists do a better job at futurism than non-fiction thinkers. I maintain, for example, that the best books on the subject of technology foresight happen to be fiction novels. James Halperin’s two books The Truth Machine and The First Immortal are genius works of futurism, exploring in extraordinary depth the implications of two different technologies: a Google Glass-like device …