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The Panama Papers – First Strike Against Putin’s Corruption

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If you didn’t know much about international finance, you probably didn’t see the journalistic project known as The Panama Papers as a retaliatory move against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Wikileaks did immediately. Although the tweet was since deleted, the political warfare operation took to Russia Today to complain that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists wasn’t being ethical about their leaks, …

Apple stock price after iPhone7

Apple stock price jumps on airbuds, music coolness, despite snarky assessments

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A look at the Apple stock price over the last few days will show you that the market does not care for my assessment that they probably don’t have that much future music in their DNA, or at least not so much to change its genome – or something. However, the market may be particularly excited about Apple stock given …

cumulus media radio bankruptcy

Consolidated radio companies on the cusp of bankruptcy

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A reader recently tipped me off to trends in the finance of terrestrial radio as an analogue to what I’ve been tracking in musical instrument retail through the Guitar Center saga. Through consolidation and Byzantine financial structures, companies such as IHeartMedia and Cumulus have been dragging out the inevitable failure of a certain type of Wall Street business model. The …