Anatomy of a Defamation

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Last month, while this site was down, I published a recollection of the last two years of systematic character assassination at Medium. (I’ve had a few tech problems while writing about the Global Corruption Scandal, as have many of my colleagues.) Having produced my wrap up of life in America since my Game Theory Twitter thread, it compliments the story …

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Game Theory 5, or how I learned the whole story on November 9, 2016

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One of my most popular “Game Theory” threads – greater in terms of audience reach than even the original – was published on June 10, 2017. This was two days after James Comey’s bombshell testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. (My irreverent take on it here.)  In it, I explained how much of the conspiracy about this coup …

time for some game theory

It’s Time for Some Game Theory – the original thread

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“It’s Time For Some Game Theory” has become a cultural catch phrase, has appeared on T-shirts and coffee mugs, and generally taken on a life of its own. I can’t believe it’s taken me sixteen months to put up a clean, non-Twitter text of my most famous thread, but hell, it’s been a little busy, right? For posterity’s sake, I …

Why CEOs must understand disruptive technologies to lead their companies

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I am very excited to be included with CEOs from around the world in this video about how foresight is absolutely essential in a time where the world is facing disruptive technologies. It’s the same song I’ve been singing for close to twenty years, but it excites me when others harmonize. Thanks again to Tech Mahindra and the Wall Street …

Twitter thread Trump Russia

The Twitter thread defines the era of Trump-Russia

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The era of Donald Trump, the Potemkin president foisted on America with the help of Russian intelligence, has not been kind to the paragraph. It’s hard to think in the framework of a well-reasoned essay when the headlines arrive like overlapping waves, pounding the surf with insanity after profanity. Handling a North Korean nuclear crisis at a golf course. Insulting …