These 6 maps show the future of the US economy through infrastructure

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The only part of the “transition” – if you can call it that – of the China-insulting, lunatic nominating Trump Administration is this notion that there might be a spending spree on infrastructure. This is the first policy idea that isn’t, out of the gate, a complete and total dumpster fire such as suspending all climate research or canceling Medicare …

job growth

Job growth and jobless young men under each president

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Check out two labor trends in U.S. economics, and then we can talk trends in U.S. politics. Consider the rate of unemployment under each president since Carter. Now let’s look at a labor trend at record levels: young men 19-30 without jobs.     It’s fascinating that while there is a cyclical nature to the trend of “great recessions” post-Carter …

consumer sentiment index

Consumer sentiment is being driven by low interest rates

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The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index for August is out, and it tells a tale of people pretty confident in the status quo. Perhaps that might be due to the low cost of getting into debt. …long term inflation expectations fell to the lowest level ever recorded, with near term inflation expectations anchored to that same low level. Just …

population change between US states

Population flows between US states 2014-2015

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In just one year, 2014-2015, you can see very clearly where the economy has recovered the most and where the kids want to flee home. You practically have to buy scalpers tickets to get into Colorado these days, while my home state of Vermont has plenty of great seats left. The head scratcher on this chart for me is California. …