technology foresight from Back to the Future

Back to the Future, a technology foresight handbook

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Sometimes, artists do a better job at futurism than non-fiction thinkers. I maintain, for example, that the best books on the subject of technology foresight happen to be fiction novels. James Halperin’s two books The Truth Machine and The First Immortal are genius works of futurism, exploring in extraordinary depth the implications of two different technologies: a Google Glass-like device …

Thomas Piketty Capital en français

Thomas Piketty, Racism, and Why Your Uncle Is Being a Jerk

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As ambitious as it seems, I am about to deliver a Unified Field Theory about why your uncle is acting like a complete jerk, or alternately, why racism has reared its ugly, naked head in this very intense moment of American life. Strap in, and go review Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Friedrich Hayek, Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle, and a …

Family therapy, American style

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America, about to enter a long-overdue therapy, sits outside the psychologist’s office, swaying nervously. It flips through the year-old copies of National Geographic and Sports Illustrated, trying to keep from looking uncomfortable, knowing that some difficult conversations await this next threshold. One of my best friends is a rather terrific therapist and social worker, and she recently described to me …