Books by Eric Garland

Man, do I love writing. Sometimes, I write so much it gets packaged up in convenient “book” form, with covers and pages and a binder and everything! Check them out individually below, or dive in and get all three at a discounted price.

MY LATEST: The World After Normal

A collection of essays in which I explore a wide variety of the topics about the future of some of the most important issues of our day: the changing global economy, the intellectual failings of the world’s authority figures, gun violence, and why the Footloose remake is the source of many of America’s deepest problems. FREE SAMPLE! BUY 100 COPIES NOW!!!

“The World After Normal ” by Eric Garland on Ganxy


Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT

My first book is called “Future, Inc.: How Businesses Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT,” first published by AMACOM Books in January 2007. The book was the first of its kind, telling the reader exactly how to execute a professional-level study of future trends, based on the techniques pioneered by the RAND Corporation, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Shell scenarios group, and others. Whereas many books on foresight get lost quickly in MBA-type jargon, or proceed immediately to extreme visions of what could be next for society, Future, Inc shows how simple and elegant a study of the future really should be. In it, you’ll learn systems thinking, trend research, forecast assessment from experts, strategic implications, scenario building, and communications.

Buy this book and you’ll be doing new, useful stuff at work by tomorrow. And it’s about the future of beer.


“Future, Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT” by Eric Garland on Ganxy


How to Predict the Future…and WIN!!!

I lost my mind after the easily predictable crisis of 2008. This led me to my second book, a satirical look at why foresight is so difficult in modern business culture – How to Predict the Future…and What To Do About It So You WIN!!! In it, I skewer modern business publishing and its desire for easy answers, shallow father figures, and a slavish devotion to fads as a replacement for wisdom, insight, and decisive action about our collective futures. To get my point across, I introduce the reader to Dr P. Hughes Egon, the world’s most successful “futurological predictologist” who has been pushing best-sellers and keynotes so long that he no longer realizes that he is hopelessly out of touch with reality, not unlike so many of the people presented by the media as trusted thought leaders. Dr. Egon presents the reader his “25 tips on how to predict the future with 100% accuracy and win” – which just happen to be the 25 greatest weaknesses that I identified in my years as a consulting futurist.

As the world careens into even more “unpredictable” surprises from economics, technology, social trends and good old human foibles, How to Predict the Future is looking even more prescient as an analysis of what’s wrong with today’s strategic leadership – and how we can do better.

Buy this book and you can have a laugh at people who strongly resemble the chuckleheads you find in the media or at your workplace. And it has a happy ending.

“How to Predict the Future…and WIN!!!” by Eric Garland on Ganxy