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Cuban White Supremacists and Vermont Nazis

Eric Garland Game Theory Today Podcast

I’m excited to announce Season Two of the Game Theory Today Podcast! In season one I covered pre-Biden, during-Trump stories such as bribes from the Egyptian dictator El-Sisi during the 2016 campaign, convicted foreign agents at the top of political parties, the Texas Attorney General already facing 99 years in prison and much more. The series features Today, in Criminal Doom, which features the best of indictments from the Department of Justice, Question Time from @gametheorytoday, and much more.

We’re back in the Biden era and, of course, the historic presidency of Donald Trump is largely in its pre-trial phase. There are a great number of global gyrations to track and, frankly, a democracy to save.

In the latest Game Theory Today Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1:

  • Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio – the Latino leader of a White Supremacist group – turns out to be an FBI informant
  • Pro-Putin governments in Europe mysteriously get outta Dodge as soon as Biden is inaugurated
  • The DOJ drops historic charges on Vermont’s Douglass Mackey for his fake Nazi/alt-Right election interference which aimed to keep Black Americans from voting
  • Major prosecutions of botnets and companies that sold your personal data to fraudsters
  • How Donald Trump has been cultivated by Russian intelligence for 40 years

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