Conspiracy theory about the Trump conspiracy

Eric Garland Political Trends 7 Comments

Last night on Twitter I put out a thread about why I thought Mike Pence is just as complicit as the rest of the Russian-connected aides around Trump.

To describe the situation may sound like a conspiracy theory, but well, the situation is in fact a conspiracy. The Russians may have had their motives, but none of it could have happened without the intersection of the American cults of pro-Russian, anti-Islamic crusaders, White Nationalists, and Christian Dominionists, united by a love of autocracy.

I end the thread with what must happen next. We can’t settle for getting back to normal. America must get back to a path toward a brighter future for all: prosperous, just, pluralistic, and peaceful.


  • Clayton Tidwell

    I just keep hearing in my head the phrase “…treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    • Criminal conspiracy has a nice ring to it.

    • Tigger Tux

      They got the Rosenbergs on “Conspiracy to Commit Espionage” Also has a nice ring to it. Vague and broad. No pesky “Treason” to have to prove. No pesky “Logan Act”.

  • Boxingwithangels

    I think Pence knew all along or shortly after the election. The CIA meeting they had – he looked like he had just been told aliens exist. It was not the normal face of Pence. He was sweating and nervous. I think when you ask someone to be your VP you sort of have to let them know your backstory and agenda. Unless Trump is just really, really stupid and thought Pence would fly along for the ride with no questions asked.

    • Pence receives intelligence briefings. He was briefed on this matter. He’s complicit. And he’s toast.

      • Clayton Tidwell

        But if the GOP doesn’t act then what can actually happen? We may need to wait until 2019 after a landslide to Dems in the House … pretty unlikely given the horrible gerrymandering of so many districts.

    • Maureen Demar Hall

      Pence always looks nervous to me, afraid of what he’ll have to shovel after what his fearless leader spews next!