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Let’s face it, the news is pretty dark and scary these days, especially American politics, which is why you should totally cleanse your palate by reading my latest for Reverb. Following on a HOTLY CONTESTED article about six classic bass amps every bassist should know to understand the history of our most important gear, I go EVEN DEEPER into bass history, including a genuflection to recently departed rock deity Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister.

Marshall JMP Super Bass

Marshall-bass-ampChief Proponents: Lemmy—now shut up because you don’t need another proponent

Lemmy. Ricky. Mic dropping like a hangman’s noose. Marshall 100-watt JMP Super Bass. Cabs with four 15-inch bass drivers. Three stacks. God save us all—wait, Lemmy is God.

One stack left, one center, and one right, with nameplates saying “Killer,” “No Remorse,” and “Murder One,” respectively.

No additional information could make this any cooler, so I will include no further information.