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The marriage rate in the US has dropped precipitously in two decades

Eric Garland Social trends 4 Comments

This trend courtesy of the CDC show that the marriage rate in the United States has dropped considerably in twenty-five years.

Since marriage has become one of the major factors in household formation which in turn drives consumption, might any further weakness in the institution result in additional changes in consumption behavior?


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    Male slavery is on the decline. Excellent!

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  • DGM

    Birth-rates are likely to continue to decline if this is any indication, and with their decline, an even more general decline in demand for goods, as well as the jobs that produce those goods. Changes to marriage to make the institution more about the individuals getting married and less about the children they will produce will exacerbate the trend. Additionally, if marriage becomes more focused on the net worth of both individuals involved, prices for goods will have larger variance depending on their nature of sale, as well as rising income inequality when it comes to who has the jobs: as such the market of individuals who actually have money to spend will shrink even further.

    This is a great trend if you are a seller of low numbers of big-ticket items, like houses or cars. It is a terrible trend if you sell based on volume however, thanks to the loss of demand.