The future of bass is bright

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In a single epic eight-minute video, 29 bassists from around the world collaborate to show how much talent is out there on the low end of the spectrum and how awesome YouTube has been for its proliferation.

Almost every tone and style is jammed in here including stuff I didn’t even think was possible. Sweep picking on bass is a thing? I’m so behind the times!

Now you know who to go to for funk:

  • Federico Malaman
  • Lars Lehmann
  • Trip Wamsley
  • Or Lubianiker
  • Hyunmo Kim “hjfreaks”
  • Ralf Gauck
  • Zander Zon
  • Nathan Navarro
  • Miki Santamaria
  • Nik West
  • Anton Davidyants
  • Cody Wright
  • Scott Devine
  • Nick Schendzielos
  • Adam Nitti
  • René Flächsenhaar
  • Uriah Duffy
  • Davide Biale
  • Markus Setzer
  • Anthony Crawford
  • Viaceslav Svedov
  • Damian Erskine
  • Eyal Amir
  • David Caraccio
  • Alex Lofoco
  • Pascal Mulot
  • Tony Grey
  • Steve Lawson
  • Dywane MonoNeon Thomas Jr.