Dr. Oz, who ignores medical evidence

Dr. Oz makes half of his claims without evidence

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I have occasionally taken aim at certain authors for profiting off Science Light, the Cheez Whiz of empirical thought. To the unenlightened looking for something tasty and non-threatening, it seems consumable enough, but it should never be confused for a proper époisse or gorgonzola.

My physician wife sent me the following report with glee, that TeeVee Dr. Oz (who is a real doctor and should know better) makes more than 50% of his claims without the evidence most physicians would require before opening their mouths. Who did the smackdown? The British Medical Journal, which is not a publication of pop science or explainer journalism, I assure you.

“The public should be skeptical about recommendations made on medical talk shows,” the researchers warn after assessing 80 claims from Oz’s show, as well as 80 recommendations on a British medical show.

Oz’s recommendations contradicted medical research about 15 percent of the time. His claims lacked any evidence in about 40 percent of his claims.

Would you go to a doctor who ignored scientific evidence over half the time?