The bright, small, entrepreneurial future of guitar stores

Eric Garland Music, Retail Trends Leave a Comment

I’m excited to share this podcast with you that I just did with Jason Verlinde, publisher of Fretboard Journal on the future of guitar stores. Mr. Verlinde tells me that he has been pummeled with my articles on Guitar Center being shared across his social networks, and he wanted to get my take on what else is going on in the music instrument business.

While I have been unabashedly critical of finance-driven, debt-loaded,  abusive, growth-obsessed big box retailers, I actually see a great future emerging for the music instrument business. The Internet wreaks havoc on brick and mortar shops, but it does great at connecting creative entrepreneurs with niche markets. This trend will accelerate and continue to provide amazing new products and experiences. To learn more, check out this podcast with Fretboard Journal.