On Indio Radio talking about building wealth the right way

Eric Garland Economic trends, Eric in the Media, Transition Economics 1 Comment

It’s not every day that I walk into a radio interview and walk out an unabashed fan of the hosts and the program. My colleague Dan Reus from Openly Disruptive hooked me up with The John & Kane Show on Indio Radio here in St. Louis which does two things extremely well: play cool tunes and have surprisingly deep discussions about local economics. They do what radio is supposed to do, but doesn’t, so they do it, and it’s cool. Make sense?

My part starts at minute 26, but I recommend the whole program because, no kidding, they have great music and interviews.

I have a great time talking about going pantsless at work, why Occupy Wall Street never protested at Steve Jobs’ house, how much a quadrillion dollars of derivatives really is, and why economic development will happen from the grass roots, up.

Have a listen, and I hope you become as big a fan as I have.