The secret of success is total failure

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Frank-SinatraWe love to herald successful people when they are on top. We are less interested in what it takes to achieve that success, which is often brutal failure

This great piece by Tony Parson in GQ speaks to me:

When we think of these men, we think of what they became after rebooting their careers. We think of Jobs after his return to Apple and the creations that transformed our world – Jobs the supreme visionary of the digital age, standing smiling on a stage in jeans giving us our first look at the iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and iTunes. We think of the rebooted Steve Jobs. 

And when we think of Sinatra we remember his renaissance at Capitol Records as the grand master of American song, we think of the 1956 album Songs For Swingin’ Lovers!, the 1958 Come Fly With Me and the great collaborations with Nelson Riddle. All after Sinatra’s reboot in his mid-thirties. 

And the legend of Muhammad Ali is not about the young Louisville Lip who beat Sonny Liston, but the Ali who came back after those long years in the wilderness, the older Ali who co-starred in the “Rumble In The Jungle” and the “Thrilla In Manila”. We think of Ali -rebooted as the greatest sportsman of all time.

This is chicken soup for the entrepreneurial soul.