2014 is the greatest time to start your own business

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Start Your Own BusinessHey gang, it’s positive time: 2014 is one of the best moments in history to start your own business.

1. The US Economy is around $15 trillion; the world economy is still $65 trillion. You don’t have to cut off a very large chunk for yourself to be stupid rich.

2. There’s demand everywhere. You know how I’m constantly bitching about things that don’t work, making me the world’s crankiest 39 year old? Yeah, the flip side of that is a world full of unmet need. Make a tastier sandwich. Teach somebody something. Take somebody to the doctor. Save them five bucks on coffee per month. Do that, or a million other things, and you’ve got your own business.

3. Being an entrepreneur is no longer weird. You know how it’s super hard to get a job? You know how people get laid off all the time now? Well, the flip side of that is being without a full-time job is no longer tantamount to being a bum. Starting your own business – even if you want to work as an employee again someday – is no longer something strange or limiting.

4. Advertising is next to free. Got something to sell? Jump on Craigslist. Cost: $0. Got expertise to advertise? Start a WordPress blog. Paid advertising is out there, but the free kind (“word of mouth”) is a better way to get customers, and also is free.

5. Exchanging money for goods and services has never been easier. Yeah, the monetary system is completely wack on the grand scale, making the world safe for speculating banksters and crony capitalist crooks. But on another level, it’s never been better. Getting a merchant account to accept credit cards used to be stupidly expensive and painful. 50% of online transactions overseas used to be criminal. Today, you’ve got PayPal, Amazon Payments, Square, Bitcoin and about 1000 new services per year. Whether you intend to make $100 per year or $1,000,000,000, it’s easier than ever to get your money.

6. Partners and customers are everywhere. More people than ever are ready to try this whole new business thing, and the Internet can help you find people in your neighborhood or around the world who share your values and want to work with you, work for you, or pay you.

So what are you going to do?

Me, I’m launching a new conference called Transition Economics, May 12 – 14 here in Saint Louis. And I’m finding every digital tool and person in the world seems to be on my side.

This is a fun time.