New Garland Report Monthly: Quantum Bankruptcy

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This issue of The Garland Report Monthly builds on the theme of The Catabolic Economy: Why Detroit’s Bankruptcy Matters. America has abandoned one of its great cities because it lacks the institutions to execute a bailout. It is ironic then that Europe, which is comprised of sovereign states, can make it happen. But their methods might change the world.

The European economic crisis is becoming permanent. How do we know? Well, they have created a “permanent crisis resolution mechanism” to finance the “basket case” countries. Just how permanent is the crisis? The new agency issues its own five-year bonds.

That’s why I had to look more closely at the European bailouts, which show that we might one day have a United States of Europe, or some civil wars. Now I want to tell you what I found in this latest issue, entitled Quantum Bankruptcy: How Europe Bails Out Its Failures.

Featured in this month’s issue:

  • Analysis of “Quantum Bankruptcy” – Why bankruptcy is about geopolitical power, not just money
  • A list of countries that are most in debt – and which of them need bailouts (not the same list!)
  • The country at risk of breaking into small regions
  • The country that made austerity work just fine for them
  • The nation with 55% youth unemployment that is selling off its airports and water systems just to stay in the Eurozone

Interested in the rest? You can download a copy here for just $5.00.

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