Surviving the Post-Employment Economy

Eric Garland Uncategorized 2 Comments

Check out Sarah Kendzior’s latest for Al Jazeera, entitled Surviving the Post-Employment Economy. In this piece, she obliterates the rhetoric that some use to denigrate people who have trouble finding work, that they “had the wrong major.” Well beyond the easily-mockable humanities, the wrong major now includes: military analyst, professor, information systems specialist, and attorney – all jobs that used to be considered painfully conventional.

As usual, Kendzior gets to the root of the problem when she states, “It is not skills or majors that are being devalued. It is people.” She’s spot on. There is almost no way to protect yourself when the economic design is to regard stable employment as a cost to be eliminated ASAP. As capital has globalized, our domestic policy makers and stock markets find jobless recoveries perfectly acceptable. The Dow closes at 15,400 while wages are the lowest proportion of the GDP in a century.

There has been an all-out assault on jobs in the developed economies. If you are one of the millions affected, some people will try to make fun of you for not being an expert in the technical skill of the moment. Don’t buy it. The problem is systemic and ultimately everyone ends up as a victim.