Scenes from an Ad Agency Looking to Rebrand Universities

Eric Garland Education Trends 1 Comment

Today, I read this quip from Evgeny Morozov about massive open online courses, or MOOCS – a common buzzword among the education innovation set:

This got me imagining what it was would look like if universities stopped playing cute and just made buzzwords out of everything – without dealing with the design problems of the institution itself.



The problem isn’t that the university system is a debt-fueled bureaucracy that is ill-matched to today’s economy. It’s that the branding and marketing are all wrong for 2013!

Universities shall now be called “Inspiration Makerspaces.”

Professors are to be referred to as “Lifehack Widwives.”

And there are no more students, but “Multichannel Prosumers.”

Tuition, however, will still be $37,500 plus room and board. If you do not have the cash for this, please see the Fiscal Dream Engineers (sign still says “Financial Aid” for the moment) to learn more about how you can use (non-dischargeable) Future Success Leverage to make your dreams come true.

Thank you, Prosumers!