My third book – The World After Normal

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Holy moley! I think I just launched my third book!

Entitled The World After Normal: Essays on culture, economics and society in a time of transformation, it is a compilation of editorials and exploratory works on the galaxy’s most significant issues: life after the financial meltdown, the future of the nation-state, how that Footloose remake was the chief reason we are in a depression, how stupid it is to debate birth control pills in 2013, alternative currencies – and more.

In a nutshell, here are the value propositions of my books so far:

Future, Inc: You want to think like a professional futurist

How to Predict the Future and WIN!!!: You want to know why organizations have such a hard time with foresight

The World After Normal: You like to read, and you want some different points of view on the craziness of modern life.

It will be available on the various Amazon platforms soon, but if you want digital copies, this online retailer Ganxy is really great, too. Free previews and digital files for any device you might want. Click on CreateSpace to order a paperback version, if that’s how you roll!


“The World After Normal ” by Eric Garland on Ganxy

“How to Predict the Future…and WIN!!!” by Eric Garland on Ganxy

“Future, Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT” by Eric Garland on Ganxy