Announcing my national tour of “WTF is up with the economy”

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Dear everybody,

Yes, I’ve really lost it this time. In response to popular demand, I’m taking my act on the road with the most stripped-down, 200 proof version of my material. It’s strategic intelligence for lunatics, economics for the partially insane, presented at places you can order whisky. Dates are already set for St Louis, San Francisco, Madison, and many other locations.

If you are intrigued by this completely nonsensical offering and want to see it in your hometown, please get in touch.

I am setting up a Kickstarter-thingee to help meet expenses in smaller places that may not have enough audience. More on that soon.



Semi-deranged former corporate strategist roaming America’s bars and clubs with his one-man show “WTF IS UP WITH THE ECONOMY?” 


DEAR MEMBER OF THE MEDIA, this story probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but do any of the other stories you cover? My name is ERIC GARLAND. For fifteen years I worked for corporate and government executives as a futurist and competitive strategist. I wrote two books about the future, predicted the crisis of 2008, and wrote a piece about why the Republicans lost that melted my webservers. You probably haven’t heard of me.

I have been thrown out of more board rooms than you have been in.

I am partially crazy and on the loose.

People in charge of our institutions have largely lost their minds, so this year I loudly quit my consulting practice. I have now decided to roam America, hanging out in bars and clubs, giving the same presentation about the future of the economy that I would give to CEOs if they had a sense of humor. It’s a one-man, punk rock, standup comedy strategic analysis revival meeting town hall entitled WTF IS UP WITH THE ECONOMY?

 Wait, what the hell am I talking about?

I see you’ve never expected to see a presentation on the transformation of the global economy in comedy format in a bar. WELL HOLD ON, HERE’S WHAT I WILL BE DOING UNTIL I AM APPREHENDED:

  • I will bring the charts that you never see on the news.
  • I will use PowerPoint offensively.
  • I will explain why people are getting hosed – and what we can do next.
  • I will play patriotic songs on the electric bass.
  • I will demand that people fact check me with their smart phones.
  • I will buy people rounds of drinks.
  • There will be Q&A.


  • People who want to retire before their 92nd birthday
  • People who wonder why their 27 year old still lives in their basement
  • People who have been laid off more than eight times
  • People who have college debt of a higher amount than the cost of their parents’ first home
  • People who think CNBC is an elaborate practical joke
  • Anybody who worked in corporate America for longer than ten minutes

Are you as surprised as I am that people are going for this idea? Then you are very surprised!!! But the tour is already shaping up for Saint Louis, Seattle, Portland, Madison, San Francisco, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, Wilmington, DE, New Hampshire, Vermont, and if I can work it out with the embassy, most of Canada. The Canadian economy is doing great, but they think we are funny  now that their dollar is worth more than ours.


Yeah, me too! Check out my website at, my Facebook site at, my Twitter at @ericgarland, or drop me a mail at eric (at) ericgarland (do t) co – and I can try to fake an answer. New dates are being added all the time, but local authorities are also being advised as to my intentions, so who knows if I will be indicted for Inappropriate Use of Corporate Information for Humor Purposes. Fate will have its way with me.


See you on the road.