How to kill the American university system in five easy steps

Eric Garland Uncategorized 3 Comments

Heavy stuff, but a great read. Check it.

  • First, you defund public higher education.
  • Second, you deprofessionalize and impoverish the professors (and continue to create a surplus of underemployed and unemployed Ph.D.s)
  • Step #3: You move in a managerial/administrative class who take over governance of the university.
  • Step Four: You move in corporate culture and corporate money
  • Step Five – Destroy the Students
  • SC

    Eric: thanks for sharing this. Interestingly enough, some of the brightest guys I’ve met in the last few years were tradesmen — plumbers, carpenters, kitchen design guys. I like the idea that “vocational” types can be intellectuals too.

    • I think all of the contractors I know who are worth their salt have bachelors or masters degrees and figured out that the majority of intellectual work is a boring hustle. They have more fun, more money and more reliable work from a life of tangible craftsmanship.

      I highly recommend the book “Shopcraft as Soul Craft” about a PhD policy analyst who quit to run a motorcycle repair shop. A piercing look at the worth – or lack of it – in our intellectual class.

  • DearthVerbose

    Step (0) should be to inform students that they need only read and study upon the literature extent of the subject they wish to master so that they can learn in their own way in their own time in their own home and save a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEYS.