Patton Oswalt: Media companies should stop acting like gatekeepers

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Here’s more wisdom from the greatest spokesman of my generation, the increasingly venerable and wise Patton Oswalt. Montreal’s Just for Laughs (Juste Pour Rire) comedy festival is going on, and Oswalt was asked to give a keynote which is comprised of two open letters: one to comedians and the other to executives in the media business.

Bottom line: media companies need to stop thinking of themselves as the gatekeepers who best favor on artists who will then go on to success – for their own survival.

You guys need to stop thinking like gatekeepers. You need to do it for the sake of your own survival.

Because all of us comedians after watching Louis CK revolutionize sitcoms and comedy recordings and live tours. And listening to “WTF With Marc Maron” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and watching the growth of the UCB Theatre on two coasts and seeing careers being made on Twitter and Youtube.

Our careers don’t hinge on somebody in a plush office deciding to aim a little luck in our direction. There are no gates. They’re gone. The model for success as a comedian in the ’70s and ’80s? That was middle school. Remember, they’d hand you a worksheet, fill in the blanks on the worksheet, hand it in, you’ll get your little points.

And that doesn’t prepare you for college. College is the 21st century. Show up if you want to, there’s an essay, there’s a paper, and there’s a final. And you decide how well you do on them, and that’s it. And then after you’re done with that, you get even more autonomy whether you want it or not because you’re an adult now.

Comedians are getting more and more comfortable with the idea that if we’re not successful, it’s not because we haven’t gotten our foot in the door, or nobody’s given us a hand up. We can do that ourselves now. Every single day we can do more and more without you and depend on you less and less.

There is a lot of freedom in what Oswalt is promising here – awesome, and terrifying and exhilarating.