P. Hughes Egon lives in the hearts of the staff of Amazon.com

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Over the past two weeks, I have had the most awesomely funny conversations with the staff of Amazon.com. They have been intensely deliberating, deep inside the bowels of the company, whether they should respect my request to only list me – Eric Garland – as the author of How to Predict the Future…and WIN!!!, when clearly author credit needs to also be given to Dr. P. Hughes Egon.

Who doesn’t exist.

They insist – after much deliberation, mind you! – that any author mentioned in the pages of a book must be given credit.

Even when they don’t exist.

I feel like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the guy draws a comic filled with monsters who come to life and eventually kill him. There is queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that Dr. Egon will soon have more and better speaking gigs than I do. And I will get fired from Competitive Futures.